As a business STOP throwing your money away in preventable costs!

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For every one dollar invested on a health program such as medical health coaching three dollars is returned.

The research identifies the high cost drivers:

  • Preventable chronic Illness

    • Obesity (42% increase in costs)

      • Cardiovascular disease​

      • Stroke

      • Diabetes II

      • Hypertension

      • Chronic joint pain (contributing to greater expenditures towards opioid epidemic and addiction)

    • COPD

  • Presenteeism (Cost greater than absensteeism) 

    • Reduced productivity at work related to preventable chronic joint pain and other illness stemming from obesity and lifestyle​ habits

  • Absenteeism ($4+ Billion)

    • Related to presentations of chronic illness requiring time off​

Initiate a Health Coaching Program with a licensed medical professional & Health Coach.

  • Preventative health screening

    • Physical assessment​

      • Chronic disease risk factor assessment

      • Girth assessment​

      • Obesity level determination

      • Vitals measurement

    • Referral to PCP as needed

  • Weight loss through medical health coaching

  • Complimentary skilled physical therapy services from a licensed doctor of physical therapy


Medical Health Coach


Non-opioid chronic pain management & evidence based treatment


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