Dr. Vladimyr Jean-Pierre is a resident of Tampa Bay who has been to multiple beautiful cities up and down the Florida peninsula, and multiple states across the country enjoying their beauty, unique culture and way of life.  He enjoys having the opportunity to volunteer his skills abroad and serve in his native Haiti.  He is a  medical professional and expert in his field.  He holds a clinical doctoral degree in Physical Therapy (DPT), a pre-medical degree, Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc), and Health Coaching certification (CHC) for healthcare professionals.  He is often complimented by patients/clients for having great listening skills and manual therapy skills.  He is a health promoter, licensed Physical Therapist, and Certified Health Coach . 


He has a passion for promoting lifestyle choices and changes that help prevent and treat chronic illness and pain related to poor health choices and lack of guidance. As a clinician he often begins to work with patients/clients when it is too late and serious chronic illness is well settled and symptomatic.   He has worked with a wide range of patients/clients from bariatrics (obese) to athletes, minors, seniors, etc...  He's worked in various settings such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, private homes, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities.   From this he is able to see the physical, social, and emotional ailments associated with the processes of chronic illness and the fruition of the risks factors of obesity/lifestyle habits which often facilitated the illness in the first place.


He currently  provides one on one health coaching services to reduce obesity and associated risk factors of chronic illness,  and  one on one physical therapy services for pain, impaired mobility, stroke rehab, and various other rehabilitation needs.  He works with various companies as needed in Hernando, Pasco, and Hillsborough counties, FL.  When not working Vladimyr enjoys bike riding, hiking trails, and being at the sunny beaches in Florida.

Quote from Dr. Jean-Pierre:


"I am grateful and blessed to say that I truly enjoy my line of work.  I have the opportunity to profoundly change and alter peoples' lives for the better on a regular basis and enjoy the moment"

  • Remote Health Coaching (anywhere around the country)

  • Onsite Health Coaching (if residing in Hillsborough County or Hernando County, FL

  • Physical Rehab Services (if residing in Hillsborough County or Hernando County, FL

  • Access to medical professional  for questions, concerns, updates, and coaching outside of business hours

  • Yes, house calls available.  Mobile service at your location of choice (house, work, etc...)

  • Services in clinic in Hernando County, FL: 

    • Rehability Prosthetics & Othotics building:

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Disclaimer:   As a condition of service and communication you agree to ask any questions and relate any concerns at any time to a provider or other staff of Comprehensive Health & Motion.  Additionally, with respect to “wellness/health coaching”, “medical health coaching”, or “coaching services” interchangeably, you understand that results and the attainment of goals are individually specific and vary from person to person; there are zero guarantees. You understand the intention of health coaching is not to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition especially in substitute to the advice/consultation, treatment, or diagnosis of a qualified licensed physician, primary care provider, psychologist, mental health therapist/counselor, nutritionist/dietician, or related licensed professional. You understand trained health coaches may not make any medical diagnoses, claims, or substitute for your personal physicians’ or primary care providers’ care. Comprehensive Health & Motion health coaching or health coach will not provide a second opinion or in any way attempt to alter the treatment plans or therapeutic goals/recommendations of your personal physician or healthcare provider. It is the role of Comprehensive Health & Motion health coaching or health coach to collaborate and partner with your physician or healthcare provider as needed to provide ongoing support and accountability as you are facilitated in creating an action plan to meet and maintain your goals.


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