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Comprehensive Health & Motion

Comprehensive Health & Motion (chm) is a Health and Wellness Social Network. Oh yes! We believe in the promotion of wellness of the entire being in order to achieve true health; body, soul, and spirit. 


We strongly encourage free login membership to our social network for interactions with similar people, and for your consumption of health related material and updates.  Just sign in with your FacebookGoogle account, or just your email. Super-quick and super-easy!

As a member you will have access to health and wellness expertise, spiritual health messages & studies, health news analysis, and more. Perhaps most importantly you will find support or networking from other members with similar health interests.  Chat with anyone and everyone.  Share what interest you; from spiritual health to social to physical, and everything else in between. 











We provide virtual health & wellness services via video conference: health & lifestyle coaching, fitness instruction and demonstration classes, and health science seminars/classes.


We address more than the physical needs or ailments, but the spiritual as well for “it is written 'man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.'” The entire being and all aspects of life are to be taken into account; physical status, addictions, mental status, emotional state, social life, and more. Let us coach and educate you in your journey to permanent lifestyle change for better health.

Inquire about our health & lifestyle coaching program.  See videos below.

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